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Pn: 7:00 – 17:00 ; Wt – Cz: 7:00 – 15:00 ; Pt: 7:00 – 13:00
ul. 1 Maja 53
44-340 Godów
+48 32 476 50 65
+48 32 476 51 00

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Skrzyszów KSSE - plot no. 6.9

Skrzyszów KSSE - plot no. 6.10

Skrzyszów KSSE - plot no. 28.1

Economic potential

Social potential

Investment offer

Godów is strategically situated within proximity to the border with the Czech Republic and a bigger urban area Its location provides for easy access to domestic and foreign sales markets and highly qualified workers.
The area is blessed with a highly developed road infrastructure, both within and outside it Another major asset is that Godów has full local plan coverage while its development sites can be purchased at attractive prices, which generates better viability of long term investments.
Well aware of local potential, local authorities are committed to promoting it both at home and abroad to attract new investors In addition, they praise those already operating in the area, providing them with a set of incentives.

One crucial business opportunity is that the local government collaborates with business institutions including the Katowice Special Economic Zone, hailed Europe’s best such facility. Consequently, local authorities have enhanced available business support options. 
A major challenge to local business is that the area is hampered by a set of negative demographic trends as observed nationwide These include the rising costs of labour investments, production, and transportation.
Factors that might mitigate potential weaknesses and threats comprise funding schemes including the 2021 2027 EU funding and state investment grants and subsidies. These financing measures could play a major role in developing local infrastructure or broadening skills in local communities to provide a better qualified workforce.
Local officials in Godów make continuous efforts to make local life easy and comfortable as shown by spme past and future investments.

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