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ul. 1 Maja 53
44-340 Godów
+48 32 476 50 65
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Economic potential



  • located in the Polish Czech border area
  • one of the smallest communes in the Silesian region
  • no urban areas

Located in southern Silesia Godów borders the Rybnik metropolitan area. It is close to major transportation routes and the border with the Czech Republic, which makes it easily accessible. Godów is one of Silesia’s smallest communes at 38 km 2 or 0 31 of the total region area. It encompasses seven village districts (sołectwo). The Godów commune encompasses rural areas and thus remains unaffected by any possible negative effects of urbanisation.



Transport ation accessibility

  • A1 motorway
  • hour drive to Ostrava International Airport

Godów has direct access to the A 1 motorway that runs through it and provides a link to the Czech Republic and Poland’s central and northern provinces. To the northwest, Godów is situated at the national road no. 78 that heads towards other Silesian cities and towns Godów is at 40 minute drive via the A 1 motorway to a motorway junction in Gliwice to reach the A 4 motorway heading towards Germany and Ukraine.

The closest airport in Ostrava is 58 km away.  The average ride from Godów to the Leoš Janáček International Airport clocks in at an hour. The Katowice Pyrzowice airport is 98 km away (1 hour 5 minutes).

Godów has no rail connection.



  • over 1 000 businesses
  • opportunities that attract investors
    home to many big companies

As of 2021, some 1 033 businesses operated in Godów, up 17% from 2017 to 2021

Notable industries include retail and wholesale, trade and repair of vehicles, construction engineering, and professional, scientific, and technical activities.  In the past five years, Godów has seen an uptick in the number of businesses in green tech.

Some big companies based in Godów include CAPEK Sp. z o. o., Haberkorn Sp. z o. o., FLAGOWA KRAINA Sp. z o. o. Firma Handlowo-Produkcyjno-Usługowa Karasek sp. j. (manufacturing and services company) and DIG ŚWITAŁA Sp. z o. o.


Local finances

  • regional disposable income above the national average
  • income per capita in Godów up 81 in five years

In 2020 household net revenues per capita were PLN 2,518. Net adjusted disposable income was PLN 2,050, or up 25% from 2017 (PLN 1 646).  The amount of household disposable income is a performance indicator for the economic and financial situation across the region. In the Silesian region, disposable income (PLN 2 050) is above the national average (PLN 1 919), thus people in Silesia enjoy a better economic status than elsewhere in the country.

Local authorities have three main sources of income own revenues, general subsidy, and designated subsidy from national budget funds. They also benefit from EU funding for a range of projects and other foreign sources of financing. In 2021 regional income was PLN 85,060,000, or PLN 6,169 per capita, up 81 % from 2017 (PLN 3,400).





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