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ul. 1 Maja 53
44-340 Godów
+48 32 476 50 65
+48 32 476 51 00

Investment offer

Godów has many public and private development sites available for sale. In the past five years the average purchase price was at PLN 105 per m2. Godów offers mostly developed lands, which attracts interest from investors and speeds up any proceedings related to putting lands on the  market. Sites are available mostly for commercial and industrial service development.

Local plan is the key document as it guides new developments to appropriate locations. It is a local ordinance that provides a legal basis on which local authorities make decisions including building permits. Local authorities are not obliged to draft local plans that yet make it easier to find a proper development land. Godów has full local plan coverage. Any person interested in development areas not included within the local plan shall apply for a land development conditions decision.

Local authorities in Godów have a vast array of support for growing businesses and investments that include
• lead support in planning and implementing investments,
• tax breaks (Katowicka Special Economic Zone)

Any individuals interested in making an investment in Godów should make initial contact with the Section of External Funding and Public Procurement within the commune office. The division helps investors and businesses learn about available support schemes or development areas. All the investment related information is thus available in one place.

Local authorities conduct an array of investment attraction activities including a cooperation agreement with the Katowice Special Economic
Zone (KSEZ) and the Economic Chamber alongside improvement to local infrastructure and road network.

A major factor that stimulates new investments in Godów is a wide offer of lands and real estates that are available at attractive prices.
Godów is home to some areas within the Katowice Special Economic Zone. It also has full local plan coverage so its development sites are
appealing to investors.

Godów is within proximity to the border with the Czech Republic, which provides for collaboration with Czech-based companies and an
array of opportunities to invest abroad.

The European Union provides funds to help local areas grow in a smart and sustainable way. In recent years local authorities have benefited from
EU funds to improve thermal efficiency of civic buildings, replace heating systems, provide equal education opportunities to local residents, and
develop skills in local communities.

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